Mileage Runs

Get elite status today

Want to snag more upgrades and benefits with your preferred airline? Short the required miles or dollars for that next tier of airline elite status? We can help!


Mileage Runs for 
Qualification Miles

We know mileage runs, because we take them ourselves. We’ll craft individually itineraries specifically catered to your requirements, whether that’s a price limit, a certain class of service, total trip length, time to dash into the city for a great meal, or just ensuring a layover at a lounge with a great shower.

Obtain top-tier status with as little as one trip!

We’ll find the most efficient route for the elite miles/dollars you need, guaranteed!

Group 510

MQDs, EQDs, PQDs, etc.

Earn elite-qualifying dollars for less

Loyalty may be a two-way street, but flying one carrier exclusively isn’t necessarily enough to earn elite status these days.

With most airline loyalty programs requiring a spending threshold in addition to miles flown, you may be tempted to purchase a more expensive fare, or wait until the last-minute to book business travel.

Our team reads the fine print, and knows the ins-and-outs of these programs. See how we can help you meet those spending requirements for a fraction of the normal out-of-pocket cost.

What Others Have to Say

If you fall into this boat of coming shy of status, a mileage run might be a great opportunity for you. But you’ll want to find the cheapest and quickest way to do this since you really do not need to take that flight. As with anything on the internet there days, there is a site that will do all of the legwork for you — called Juicy Miles.”

If you’re looking to earn a bunch of elite qualifying miles or redeemable miles, then having Juicy Miles book you a mileage run is the easiest way to go.